The UK rarely experiences severe weather conditions like tornados and hurricanes. Weather is the main reason that affects your roof in various ways. You need to maintain your roof to expand its lifespan. You can also prepare a seasonal to-do list, like checking the roof inside out and also after extreme weather conditions. We also suggest hiring professional roofers in Aylesbury for regular roof maintenance and repairs. Let’s explore more in this blog below.

Impact of Hot and Cold Weather On Your Roof

Effect of Hot Weather on Your Roof

It is less likely to have the summer sun that adversely impacts your roof, but even an occasional overnight summer storm can attract a lot of dust, dirt particles, and debris onto your roof.

Prolonged Exposure to the Sun’s UV Rays

Roofs are generally not shaded, so there’s no protective layer between the roof and the UV rays from the sun. Your roof can dry out with excessive exposure to UV rays, which will eventually cause shrinkage.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock risk is one of the main threats during the summer. Such a situation arises when the temperature reaches higher than usual in the day but drops down quickly after sunset. This extreme change in temperature causes your roof to expand and contract within a short period. This not just affects the structural integrity but can also result in warping.

Avoiding Growth

Having a poorly maintained roof can cause moisture to trap within the tiles or beneath support structures. This can make room for mould and weed growth because of increased warmth and water supply during the summer.

Effect of Cold Weather on Your Roof


The UK weather experiences rain quite often, even more during the winter. The continuous water falling down on your roof can damage it. You must ensure your roof can drain water properly. Make sure there’s no water accumulating in puddles or pools on flat surfaces.

Snow Flurries

With the drop in temperatures and wet weather, the chances of snowfall also increase. And snow doesn’t drain off your roof like water. Its build-up can burden your roof, especially when it’s old or unmaintained. We suggest reaching out to an expert for efficient snow removal off your roof.

Hire The Expert

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