Dealing with a leaking roof is one of the most annoying things you will ever encounter. A leaky roof needs immediate repair to mitigate any potential hazard on your house structure. You must get in touch with experienced roofers in Aylesbury if you need any sort of roof repair or maintenance services. The repairing method depends on the type of leak. In this blog, we will explore some common types of roof leaks and their treatments.

How Can You Treat Different Types of Roof Leaks

Loose, poorly driven nails

A nail’s head could work its way back up through the tile if it wasn’t driven far enough during the roof installation. Similar issues can also arise if a nail is driven sideways. This could make way from rainwater seeping into your home. To repair this, roofers will need to break the seal on your roof tiles and lift them to remove the nail/s. They will then drive in the nails appropriately and apply sealant on them to prevent them from sticking, which can also cause leaks.

Damaged pipe flashing

This is one of the most common causes of a leaky roof. Pipe flashing prevents water from running down the pipe and seeping into your property. Though the flashing must continue to protect for a decade or even more, it may crack due to some factors which afterwards affect its durability. To fix this problem, roofers will install a rubber collar on the damaged flashing’s top. This will seal the leak and protect your roof for over a decade.

Leaking chimney

Water can leak from your chimney because of various factors like damaged flashing under the tiles surrounding the chimney, cracked mortar joints if the chimney is made up of bricks, and damaged, cracked old or rusty metal chimney top. Applying some sealant or water repellent will probably fix this problem in case of cracked mortar joints, whereas re-flash the area surrounding the chimney if the leakage is due to damaged flashing.

Broken tiles

Your roof tiles can wear out after a heavy storm or rain or due to high winds. This is why we recommend checking the roof thoroughly after extreme weather conditions. To resolve this issue, you may need to replace your missing or broken tiles.

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